Dear employees and Clients,

AL-Wessam Company has been experiencing great growth.

figures in recent years thanks to initiated changes undergone by management.

Back then, we set a clear strategy for aggressive growth.

By walking our way, we encountered one of the major challenges facing humanity in recent decades, represented by the Corona pandemic on a global scale, but with each new challenge, the medal proves its superior ability not only to adapt to the changes around it, but to transform challenges into opportunities for success and adversity to achieve Growth, progress, and formulation of achievements, and we have been able to prove that over the past years.

Results have been encouraging and align with our clear direction and plans.

 Commitments made by all team members are being kept, and progress has been evidenced in both turnover and profitability.

We at Al-Wessam strive to add something extra to our customers and a vision to create a leading position in the market. Whether it is in the service quality, product range, competitive pricing, or professional customer care; we are an organization that is capable to cater to all of them.

We are definitely on track with a business plan that is going to fulfill our aim of achieving market share in the market.

This commitment to employee ownership allows our employees to avoid distraction by external pressures such as stock performance requirements, mergers or acquisitions.

Our employees are allowed to focus on fulfilling our clients’ needs within client schedules. Al-Wessam employee ownership philosophy is augmented by providing competitive compensation and superior benefits while making our best effort to be the employer of choice in our community.

 We recognize our employees make Al-Wessam, and we are committed to providing a workplace they can take pride in We consider the opportunity to support our clients as irreplaceable.

Therefore, we will help our clients exceed their goals in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We will develop and maintain we will strive to provide superior services that exceed requirements and expectations with a strong emphasis to deliver at reasonable cost.

We as a team are committed to achieve these results. We work with almost obsessive attention to details, and are passionate about achieving our goals.

We look forward to both working with you, and serving you to meet your needs, Sincerely.


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