Pvc chemical Glove

Pvc chemical Glove Desc: dipped-lining Glove PVC gloves provide adequate protection against stronger acidsand bases as well assalts, alcohols and water solutions making this type of hand ppe ideal for tasks that involve handling these kinds of materials or when handling objects in the wet. PVC gloves also provide adequate protection against abrasion and  toa certain degree of  vibration and shock. You can also use PVC gloves for assembly line work and handling small parts. packing: 12Pair / polybag, 120pair/Ctn Applications:Auto Industry,Refining,Mining ,For heavy industries loading, and high voltage chemical and a lot of other uses

Product Description

Desc: dipped-lining Glove

Pvc chemical Glove

packing: 12Pair / polybag, 120pair/Ctn


Auto Industry



For heavy industries loading

and high voltage, chemical and a lot of other uses


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