About Us

Al Wessam Group is considered to be one of the Pioneer companies in the field of importing high- quality medical supplies. It seeks to maintain its position in the Middle East and Africa since it was founded in 1989, whereas it is considered to be one of the most important and biggest companies in the field of importing medical supplies from all over the world. In addition, the company has expanded to include most of the products and medical supplies to meet customers’ different requirements and needs in the medical sector by offering products with high quality and competitive prices. The company was qualified to be one of the pioneer companies through ISO9001:2008 certificate and other thanking and appreciation testimonies from our honorable customers. Furthermore, the company participates in the international exhibitions and conferences in different countries around the world. This is what grants us the superiority in the Middle East and Africa, made us the optimal choice for many customers, and compete strongly with international companies. It employs a professional team with the highest level of technical and administrative experience to give our customers the best service with achieving the highest standards of integrity to ensure product quality.

Our Mission


Providing the best products and presenting the highest possible level of services with the commitment to meet the needs of our customers and trying to solve their problems quickly and effectively in the perfect way.

Our vision


Maintaining our position and leadership in the medical sector inside Egypt and abroad in the Middle East and Africa.